Young Adults of St Francis

Who We Are

The St. Francis of Assisi Young Adults (SFYA) Ministry is intended for young adults, professionals and college students (ages of 18-40) with or without children.

Single, dating, engaged or married ?
Single parent, widowed or divorced ?
New to town or longtime resident ?
Exploring the Catholic Church or have come back to
your faith ? …ALL (AGES 18-40) ARE WELCOME!

Regardless, of where you are in your life and your faith journey. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for young adults united in diversity and faith, to share their faith and build a home for young adults; within our family of friends in the St. Francis of Assisi community.

College, Unmarried, Married, and Hispanic (Jovenes Adultos)

Coordinator – Stacy Dunton
Communications Director – Ana Rodriguez
Staff Liaison – Niki MacDougall
Treasurer – TBA
Unmarried/College Facilitator – Barret Weidner & Christina Rodriguez
Married Facilitator – Niki & Patrick MacDougall
Hispanic (Jovenes Adultos) – Stephany Torre & Patty Caceres


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