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Marrying Well is Becoming a Lost Art and an Unrealized Desire

Posted on: March 10, 2014

Most men hope to marry some day, but there is no guarantee that they will. Young men seem to be “stumbling on to the altar as if by accident.” There was once a time when marriage modeling and insights were easily found from dads, coaches, teachers, mentors, and even Christian leaders…So what type of relationship advice do men get as they make their way into their twenties and thirties? Spectacularly bad advice often.

Most women hope to marry, but for many its a far fetched idea or too unlikely, given the men they know and those they’re meeting. Some women have mentioned whether or not their “standards are too high” whereas others state that “all the good men are already taken.” To deliver a God-honoring and timely marriage women must not be dictated by what our culture’s definition of marriage is and what they propose is the popular method of dating. In hopes to marrying well, women need to do more – and less- then what the culture says and promotes. Women must always remember that in desiring a godly man they must first become godly women.

By understanding and embracing God’s design for you (specifically if He’s calling you to the married life) then we have a better opportunity at not only getting married but marrying well…We will be taking a relationship journey through these next few months so not only can you experience all the happiness and “riches” of a healthy relationship/marriage but so that your own personal journey may point to God’s glory and greater purpose. We will be looking at intentions, purity, compatibility, and community; all rarely encountered in our popular culture today. May God bless you now and always while helping you apply His design on your life.

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