Young Adults of St Francis

Another way of explaining Catholicism…A Little Humor for your day!

Posted on: August 2, 2011

We know that:

Catholics believe that truth is found in the Bible, as interpreted by the church, but also found in church tradition. Catholics believe forgiveness of sin is achieved through church ritual, with the assistance of a priest in confession. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is Christ’s sacrifice; Christ’s body and blood physically present and consumed by believers (“transubstantiation”). Catholics believe in praying to God and also praying to Mary or a saint to intercede on their behalf. Catholics believe the sacraments are a means of grace. Much emphasis is placed on the saints in the Catholic religion due to the fact that they are like us; either bearing daily crosses (struggles against sins and in doing good) or in personal struggles to live a good Christian/Catholic life.

But the next time someone asks you to “tell me a little bit about the Catholic faith” just simply say:

“The Saints are our counselor’s, the Liturgy (Word of God) are our SparkNotes, the Sacraments are bonus points, understanding/receiving the Eucharist is like your continual Midterm, and Judgement Day is your Final Exam.”


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