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The “Stroop” Effect

Posted on: July 6, 2011

Good Morning!

I originally had this on my own personal blog but felt it to be interesting enough to share with all 🙂 It’s actually a very entertaining and at moments frustrating activity, none the less there’s nothing wrong with having a little moment for distraction.

So an assignment for class had me wanting to post this I think it’s a great example of how a person’s concentration is when doing a task, giving evidence to that fact that not everyone or more like hardly anyone can multi-task. This “effect involves the difficulty our brains have when it comes to blocking out irrelevant stimuli during the process of perception.  Specifically, when a visual stimulus (like a word) has two visual properties (1 = the word, 2 = the color of ink used to print the word), our brains often have difficulty separating out and disregarding the word when attempting to perceive only the ink color.”

The following are two “Stroop” tests that will require your attention so please make start them when your sure you’re not going to be doing anything else. So take a test and see what your results are ;)

Yours truly,

A College Student

Important Notes on the NOVA Stroop Test Website:
After accessing the site linked below, you should see a ‘Stroop Test‘ graphic just to the left of an image of mountains.  Just to the right of the first paragraph of instructions, you should see a small rectangular box / button link marked ‘Go to the Stroop Test.’  After reading the instructions, click the ‘Go to the Stroop Test‘ box link.  On the next page, click on the link in white font marked ‘click here to begin.’  Following this, you will be provided with a pre-test demo.

To initiate the test, the instructions note to press the ‘return key.’  Just to be clear, the ‘return key’ is the same as the ‘enter key’ (‘return key’ is an older term that some do not recognize now).  Then use the left and right arrow keys to select the answer choice.  You will also use the ‘return key’ and left – right arrow keys when taking the actual timed tests.

This site requires the Shockwave plug-in.  If you don’t have it, the site directs you on how to get Shockwave.  Also, if you do have to download Shockwave, you may need to restart your computer before accessing the demonstration on the site.

Link to the NOVA Stroop Test:

Alternative Link to the NOVA Version of the Stroop Test:

Stroop Effect Interactive Test

Access the site linked below.  Click on the instructions page link and take a moment to read about the test.  Carefully follow the directions.

When you’re ready to start, simply click your cursor in the box to the right of the phrase ”Try the experiment:” and the demonstration will begin.

Use the Color to Key codes to indicate the color of the font in which the word is presented.

For example if BLUE appears, press the ‘b’ key on your keyboard as fast as you can as the font color is blue.

If GREEN appears, press the ‘r’ key as fast as you can as the font color is red.

Press the space bar to start the actual demo.

If you miss a color, the program will retest you on that match later in the demo.

When you finish the demo, click the “view results” link in the box above.


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