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How Hooked on Technology are You?

Posted on: March 23, 2011

“One thing is certain about human nature…we’re born talkers.   Our urge to communicate is universal. And now with modern technology we can meet anybody… anywhere… at anytime.”

There was an episode on CNBC that was premiered back in January, yet was shown again this month; pertaining to technology and especially the usage of our cell phones. It’s called “Crackberry’d: The Truth about Information Overload.” I’ll confess that I’m a huge technology user and supporter. I was the type of user that my cell phone was literally attached to my body, at all times! Ironically, before I even viewed the CNBC episode, I’d noticed my “addiction” to my cell phone (none other then the Iphone) and lectured myself on my own usage! So my question to you is: how frequently do you use technology?

“Today our means for communication are endless: twelve billion text messages are sent worldwide every day…And the number of personal computers in use around the globe is expected to double in the next four years. But is all this access to technology actually making our lives better?”


“That the emphasis is shifting from deep thinking to getting superficial knowledge fast and that despite what we think, we’re not very good at multi-tasking with all those devices.  Our brains simply can’t keep up with all the modern demands for our attention.”

Once looking at it/reading about it, you can begin to understand why it’s an enlightening episode and I’ll admit, even hard to swallow…

Yours truly,

A College Student


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