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Did you know…Valentine’s Day 2011

Posted on: February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day in which people express their love to one another by presenting gifts, such as cards, candy, flowers and other symbols of love or affection. So our question to you is: How do YOU spend your Valentine’s Day?…meanwhile, here are some fun facts about Valentine’s Day 🙂

  • More than 200 million roses were produced for Valentine’s Day 2011, according to Organic Bouquet.
  • Nearly 200 million cards are exchanged each year on February 14, and that doesn’t include card packs exchanged by millions of schoolchildren each year, according to the Hallmark Corp.
  • Men spend nearly twice the amount women spend on the holiday, reports the National Retails Federation. Men plan to shell out $159 and women $76.
  • People will spend about $116 on Valentine’s Day items this year, up 12.8 percent over last year’s $103. Total holiday spending is expected to reach $15.7 billion.
  • Consumers will spend $3.5 billion on jewelry, up from an estimated $3 billion last year, according to the federation. Clothing – $1.6 billion vs. $1.5 billion in 2010 – and dining out – $3.4 billion vs. $3.3 billion in 2010 – will also be popular gift options.

In addition, celebrants will spend $1.7 billion on flowers, $1.5 billion on candy, and $1.1 billion on greeting cards.




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