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Advent Message of Reflection

Posted on: December 9, 2010


Advent Message ~ from Rev. Fr. Vincent Anyama

December 6, 2010


An expectant mother waits in preparation for the coming of her new child for nine months; a student studies for several years waiting in preparation for his or her exit exams and graduation; a man and a woman engaged to each other in love wait in preparation for their spousal covenant of matrimony. As we speak, you may be in a waiting mode for something: for the result of an interview, to receive forgiveness from someone you have hurt, to be settled in your new home, for your new church facility to be built, etc. Part of being human is waiting in anticipation of something valuable. To wait is to be hopeful and to be hopeful is to be alive.

In this Advent season, we, as members of the Body of Christ, are in a waiting mode for the commemoration of the birth of Christ on Christmas day and for the return of Christ in glory. This waiting involves some serious preparation. Thus we wait in preparation for Christ to come by celebrating the sacrament of reconciliation, ceasing serious sins, and being open to his grace.

Why wait for Christ’s coming? We wait for Christ because he brings many gifts for us. He brings us peace that no one else can give; he brings us joy that the violent and angry world cannot give; he brings us freedom from the bondage of our sins. We cannot imagine a life without Christ, for without him life is meaningless. In the face of despair, he gives us a reason to live. In the face of lack of employment and support, he gives us hope. In the face of suffering, his cross and resurrection helps us to persevere.

Unfortunately, we live in an increasingly impatient world that knows not how to “wait” in patient hope. For our popular culture, we are already in Christmas season. It begins perhaps right before Thanksgiving and ends on December 25. Such a hasty rush into Christmas stifles our human need to wait in hope for someone so important in our lives. The wait allows us to value and appreciate more the coming of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Do not rush through Advent! Christmas does not begin until the vigil of December 25, and it does not end until the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord in January 9.


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